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"I cannot say enough positive things about this practice! We brought our five year old rescue (Chihuahua/Min Pin mix) in to have a growth that I noticed to have been growing on his belly. Dr. Xanthos tried to aspirate it with a fine needle but the composition made it difficult. She fully explained our options considering what would be most comfortable for Bruno (our dog) and our wallets. She was able to numb the area locally and with the compassionate assistance of her staff, successful excise the growth and stitch the opening with a few stitches and skin adhesive. She sent it out for pathology and reported it to be rare but benign. Peace of mind is priceless when it comes to our furry family members. Equal admiration for both Dr. Xanthos and Dr. Oden. Staff is wonderful! Thank you Reade Street Vet!"

"Dr Xanthos is one of the kindest, gentlest and warm people I have come across. She takes such tender care of my dog, speaks w me to make sure I am comfortable with everything and her prices are very reasonable. She is worth the travel to get there!!!"

"We have been taking our two cats to Reade Street Animal Hospital for 3 years now and they are incredible! Both Dr. Xanthos and Dr. Oden are both knowledgeable, caring and very attentive to the cats needs.

We recently added two cats to the mix, Aspen and Petra, and have been taking them as well. They are rescue cats and needed a bit more attention. Dr. Xanthos and Dr. Oden have taken amazing care of them as well and the cat are very calm and immediately warmed to them.    

Finally the able assistants and the friendly front desk make the experience easy, convenient and painless. We enthusiastically recommend Reade Street!"

"I saw Dr. Oden for a follow up visit and once again I had a great experience. The examination is very thorough and Dr. Oden provides a lot of great advice. My cat experiences a lot of anxiety and Dr. Odon recommended two products that I could purchase in order to help calm her. Both products are readily available online and there is no push whatsoever to buy things while at the vet."

"I cannot say enough GREAT things about Dr Xanthos and the entire staff at Reade Street Animal Hospital. Dr Xanthos is caring, not an alarmist, patient and will literally answer any question you have about your pet, no matter how simple, silly or involved. She understands the love we have for our pets and it shows in how she treats them, as well us, the owners. Kudos to the entire team at Reade Street. Winni is lucky to be in your care!! Thank you!"

"The entire staff at Reade Street Animal Hospital are very supportive and compassionate. Dr. Xanthos is a "Feline Diva." In the last year, Cooper, our cat (age 15) was experiencing a lot of urinary issues and diagnosed with chronic renal disease. Sadly after six months, the cat's health gradually declined. Dr. Xanthos took great time and care to explain to us that Cooper's kidneys were not functioning and it was best to euthanize him. She was very thorough in her assessments from the lab work to describing his general appearance. She patiently waited for other family members to arrive to say their good byes which went past normal business hours. She was respectful and so amazing with my eleven year old daughter who wanted to be in the room when Cooper passed away. It was an unexpected and emotional day but Dr. Xanthos and her staff made us feel positive about a very difficult decision and for that we are grateful.

I highly recommend this practice for your furry family members. I wish I could send my kids here! Don't let "curiosity kill the cat!" Take your pets to Reade Street Animal Hospital."

""I MUST take time to share with all of you, how fortunate I was to find this place when my dog got sick. He is my first pet and it was also the first time he had ever gotten so sick. Before finding them, I had tried other vets around my area, one place had put me on HOLD, after waiting for about 5 minutes (without exaggeration) I hung up and searched the internet. It being a Saturday made it difficult because veterinarians were either not open or closed relatively early. Reade Street was a bit of a walk, but I was desperate to have my pet seen. The person that picked up was friendly and had told me that I could bring him in and they would take care of the rest. I was so glad that even though it was close to closing time, they were willing to see him!

Reade Street has a nice location for their practice. The waiting room was spacious and they had rooms big enough for big dogs! (( My dog is of a large breed so I was happy to see that it was not a small space for typical city-dogs that are of smaller varieties. He was sick and had ample room to breathe! ))

The staff was very friendly, sincere, and professional. They took time to explain all the concerns we had, even ones that did not particularly relate to the reason why we were there. When we were concerned about pricing they took the time to explain the cost of anything and everything for the visit. They also made sure that they had our permission for any and every service they performed including but not limited to any possible testings or x-rays.

I also found out that this is a new location for them! Don't be fooled by this new and seemingly spot-less space (though they do maintain the cleanliness like most health facilities) ! The staff has many years of experience and they're a very caring and considerate staff. I was so pleased with my experience that my family had collectively decided to change our permanent veterinarian to Reade Street Animal Hospital.

Thank You Reade St. Animal Hospital for being there for my little prince! =)"

"Integrity and compassion are the first words that come to mind when I think of Dr. Mary Xanthos. My only regret is that she's doesn't treat humans! I used to dread taking my pug to the vet - but no longer. I can be confident that she has the best possible care available on the planet! Unlike most vets I have dealt with - Reade Street Animal Hospital is not a factory. She's experienced, hands-on and practical when it comes to animal care. I feel blessed to have found her." "

“Great veterinarians and staff! If you are new to the area or looking for a new vet, I would highly recommend this place. Starting coming here after we got our dog based on the recommendations of almost everyone in the dog park. We were not disappointed. Both my dog and cat love visiting and the staff treats them like royalty.”