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"Went to Reade Street Animal Hospital for our first visit today. SO happy with the experience. The facility is very nice and clean, and ALL the staff are friendly and VERY knowledgeable. Dr. Xanthos was great - spent extra time explaining everything and was so kind and relaxed with Marley - who is a rescue and was very nervous, esp having had a bad experience with a different vet. We are very happy to have finally found our permanent vet and animal hospital:) Thank you for a very nice experience!" Karin and Marley

"After a year in the neighborhood (and NYC) it was time to find a vet for our two cats:  We're thrilled with our luck in finding Dr. Xanthos!

The Doctor came across as highly knowledgeable, very thorough, attentive, and relaxed & friendly with the cats as well as with us.   She took plenty of time to examine our pets, go over Q&A with us, and educate us about one minor issue we'd noticed with one of the critters.    

Grateful to have found a high-quality, caring and down-to-earth vet on the first try!"

"After leaving Chicago and a wonderful vet to go live in NYC, I was at a loss as to how to find another nearly as good with my cat.  I found everything I need and more at Reade Street Animal Hospital.  

Reade Street made my very friendly Siamese very happy and she barely noticed when she got her shots - she was purring away!  They basically explained all my options for her cough and told me that she most likely just had feline asthma - easy to manage.  The other vet I tried had suggested all these crazy tests!  They are very cost conscious and understand people are on budgets.

The place is clean and everyone of the staff is friendly.  While in the waiting room my cat felt so comfortable she got out of her bag and lounged on the bench with a new puppy friend.

I just made another appointment for my younger boy cat - I think we found our new vet!"

"I took both of my cats in this week for routine exams.  And once again, I can't praise Dr. Xanthos enough.  She's warm, intelligent, respectful of the animals, and their owner.  The staff reflects this as well -- gentle, caring and helpful.  

Everything that needed to be done for my two was done, but not without my OK -- and when I said that pilling the little cat was totally impossible, another way of medicating him was suggested, with complete success.

I am so very happy to have this wonderful, professional and NICE group in my neighborhood.  And so are my cats!"

"My pup and I love going Dr Xanthos. She is the only one I will trust with my puppy. At first we went to the other Dr at the hospital because Dr Xanthos only works week days, but after meet her, my husband and I decided that it was worth the trouble of taking time off from the work day so our pup can get the best treatment possible."

"I have a cat named Tarzan that had a small encounter with a dog when he was just a kitten. He had some wounds on his head and face.  He was rushed to the emergency hospital and he was fine but since that incident he always teared heavily from one eye. Sometimes it was really cruddy.  I took him to my very popular Upper West side Vet and they said they couldn't find anything wrong.  Over the next 2 years he saw another Vet and again I was told probably just a damaged tear duct. Tarzan would swing between times he seemed happier and times his eye was really bad. I just tried to keep it cleaned out.  He also seemed to have bad fur compared to my other cats and I use very good food.

A few weeks ago he seemed completely lethargic and would not eat and the eye was terrible. I'd heard about Dr.Mary Xanthos from a friend so I made an appointment.  She didn't know his history.  Within about two minutes she noticed some swelling on his neck that I hadn't seen and it turned out to be a terrible infection.  She treated the infections and I can't believe the difference in my cat.  He is bright eyed and happy and his fur is now great.  I feel guilty that he probably had something going on in his neck over the years from the initial dog encounter. I'm not a vet but maybe some kind of low grade infection that would be better sometimes and worse at others.  But I'm so happy he is now better and that I found Dr. Xanthos and I will use he from now on for all my cats and dogs!  he is now no longer suffering. I was just so impressed with her ability to diagnose the problem."

“I am a local rescuer in NYC and Dr, Mary Xanthos is simply the best. Not only do I take my forever animals to Mary and her caring staff but I take my rescues to her as well. Some of these dogs that I rescue have been abused and severely neglected and Mary and her staff provide the extra TLC that they need to make them feel comfortable. Not to mention the superb quality of care. Dr. Mary Xanthos and her staff are more like a second family than just my vet. I know she has the best interest of the animals at heart and I am truly thankful for all they do”

"Integrity and compassion are the first words that come to mind when I think of Dr. Mary Xanthos.  My only regret is that she's doesn't treat humans!  I used to dread taking my pug to the vet - but no longer.  I can be confident that she has the best possible care available on the planet! Unlike most vets I have dealt with - Reade Street Animal Hospital is not a factory.  She's experienced, hands-on and practical when it comes to animal care.  I feel blessed to have found her."

"I MUST take time to share with all of you, how fortunate I was to find this place when my dog got sick.  He is my first pet and it was also the first time he had ever gotten so sick.  Before finding them, I had tried other vets around my area, one place had put me on HOLD, after waiting for about 5 minutes (without exaggeration) I hung up and searched the internet.  It being a Saturday made it difficult because veterinarians were either not open or closed relatively early.  Reade Street was a bit of a walk, but I was desperate to have my pet seen.  The person that picked up was friendly and had told me that I could bring him in and they would take care of the rest.  I was so glad that even though it was close to closing time, they were willing to see him!  

Reade Street has a nice location for their practice.  The waiting room was spacious and they had rooms big enough for big dogs!  (( My dog is of a large breed so I was happy to see that it was not a small space for typical city-dogs that are of smaller varieties. He was sick and had ample room to breathe!  ))

The staff was very friendly, sincere, and professional.  They took time to explain all the concerns we had, even ones that did not particularly relate to the reason why we were there.  When we were concerned about pricing they took the time to explain the cost of anything and everything for the visit.  They also made sure that they had our permission for any and every service they performed including but not limited to any possible testings or x-rays.  

I also found out that this is a new location for them!  Don't be fooled by this new and seemingly spot-less space (though they do maintain the cleanliness like most health facilities) !  The staff has many years of experience and they're a very caring and considerate staff.  I was so pleased with my experience that my family had collectively decided to change our permanent veterinarian to Reade Street Animal Hospital.

Thank You Reade St. Animal Hospital for being there for my little prince! =)"

"Went to Reade Street Animal Hospital for our first visit today. SO happy with the experience. The facility is very nice and clean, and ALL the staff are friendly and VERY knowledgeable. Dr. Xanthos was great - spent extra time explaining everything and was so kind and relaxed with Marley - who is a rescue and was very nervous, esp having had a bad experience with a different vet. We are very happy to have finally found our permanent vet and animal hospital:) Thank you for a very nice experience!" Karin and Marley

"Took my cats in for a checkup and the vet was wonderful with them, despite one cat catatonic with terror and the other kitty throwing a hissing fit. Dr. Catalano (sp?)  was finished with my traumatized pets in no time, so I was able to take them home for treats and soothing ASAP.

Had put off taking them to the vet for a while, because it's always so terrible for everyone involved. I will definitely bring them back again - absolutely wonderful experience."

"Without a doubt the best vets i've ever been to. Dr Xanthos has put my two dogs back together again despite their best efforts to tear themselves to shreds/self medicate et al. really, a canine life saver.. so glad she's in Tribeca."

"Dr. Xanthos is simply awesome and very experienced!  I'm glad we found her after searching for a good vet in NY the past 5 months.

Our 10-year old American Eskimo has recurring issue with his left rear leg and none of the vets we've been to during the past 2 years were able to tell us what's exactly wrong with him.  Dr. Xanthos was able to pin point the issue within minutes and offered us a few treatment options."

"I came here in a panic. My dog was experiencing non-stop, bloody diarrhea and vomiting. I knew that dogs can occasionally go through this and it is not always a cause for concern, but I started to get really worried when it worsened rather than ceasing. To make it all worse, my poor dog looked like she was in so much pain - she would sit in a corner with eyes widened in distress. She is a very good, obedient dog, so I think she felt guilty for making such a mess (and believe me, it was a mess!). She was shaking and straining her eyes in attempts to hold it all in.

She couldn't sleep and I couldn't sleep, so I finally decided to take her to see a vet. I called around and, of course, perused Yelp. After the stellar reviews, I decided to book an emergency appointment here. They were immediately helpful and understanding over the phone. In person, they were even more caring.

As soon as I walked through the door, everybody was scurrying to help my dog. I was not the first one in the waiting room, but the sweet girl at the front desk went back to speak with the vet. They took me in before everyone else, who were (bless their hearts!) graciously understanding of the situation. Just the crowd itself was a deciding factor as likeminded people attract - in this case, everybody was so kind and caring.

This experience was like an ER for my dog. As soon as I walked through the door, I filled out paperwork while a vet assistant scooped up my dog and we were quickly whisked away into a room. The vet, along with a visiting vet, came into the room the same minute I did - a rarity in ANY medical facility!

Dr. Xanthos introduced herself to me, and I immediately felt at ease. She performed a series of tests in such a swift, practiced manner that one could tell she was an expert in her field. She explained each step to me along the way in such a thorough and precise way that I left with no questions in mind.

Dr. Xanthos reached a diagnosis almost immediately. Apparently a sort of bacterial infection had been going around - I had taken my dog to a dog run a few days prior. She gave my dog a few shots and some medicine to take home along with a couple cans of special food. The visiting doctor even halved the pills for me. To top it all off, they gave my dog a "butt bath" (as I said, she was not in a good state despite the 3 baths I had given her). If that's not extra attention to service, I don't know what is!

I left with Dr. Xanthos asking me to give her a call with an update. Do you know of any kind of doctor that does that? I don't either.

Price-wise, I was surprised. I was expecting the medical costs to be upwards of at least $500. This was not an unreasonable estimate considering most vets charge an initial fee of $250 just for stepping in the door. This entire emergency visit was just around that - including the medication and food. Upon looking at the bill, I saw that the initial fee is $85. What?! Massages cost more than that. The only justification I have for the low cost with such stellar service is that Dr. Xanthos is an incredibly passionate person. She is doing what she does because she loves it and she loves the animals she cares for. Simple as that.

And it's not just Dr. Xanthos. They're all there out of true compassion for animals, which is exactly the kind of place you want to be in when it comes to caring for your beloved pet. You'll know what I mean when you go here. :)

As I write this, my dog, Phoebe, is cured, curled up in a ball and sleeping to make up for the past few nights of missed sleep. She looks content, and I couldn't be more relieved. I can't help but think that this is what parenting must feel like - when one just wants her dog to be happy and healthy.

The hardest part of the entire experience: Getting a cab while cradling a sad, smelly dog wrapped up in a towel. "